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QuiltRepair.com Expert Quilt Repair and Restoration Since 1960

Should I repair my quilt?

Absolutely. If it is a family heirloom, a gift or something you bought for yourself at an estate sale. Why not fix it if you love it! It’s always worth it. Fix it if you can afford it.

How can I tell the age of my quilt?

Generally, the style and size of fabric patterns are good clues in determining the age of your quilt. Look for dates, or if you have photographs of people with the quilt in an old album that can help too.

How can I tell if my Quilt is valuable?

This is a two-fold answer—it is also both subjective and objective. All quilts have significance of some sort. A quilt can be valuable emotionally or historically, or perhaps you bought it and you just love it. A quilt can also be worth tens of thousands of dollars if it is a quilt that has been dated or signed by a famous person, or is associated with an important place or event.

Over the last half-century quilts have been valued by art historians and museums as works of art and by collectors as major investments.

After it’s repaired, should I continue to use my Quilt

No, I do not recommend continuing to use your Antique or Vintage Quilt even after it has been restored or repaired. The reason is that typically and generally almost all quilts were made from clothing that had been worn and washed and somewhat degraded at the beginning of their life. The second part of their life was as being used by family members over the years. By the time it comes to the textile repair studio for a tune-up, complete restoration, or whatever it is better to repair it and then display it and enjoy it, but not sleep under it.

How should I clean my quilt?

Never wash your quilt in a top loading washing machine. The center agitator will act as a destructive element in the wash cycle and can damage your quilt. Hand-washing of cotton quilts is what we recommend. Silk quilts and velvet quilts can be dry cleaned.

Can my quilt be repaired?

Yes. Almost all quilts, including very badly damaged or deteriorated quilts can be mended, repaired, restored, tuned-up, re-bound, cleaned, and brought back to life.

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